At Faciem Dermatology we are serious about results and serious about Skin Care. Dr Prasad jokes with her clients that only if you want results and serious anti-ageing treatments come to me!

Why use Medical Grade Skincare?

Getting results in your skin is all about what active ingredients are delivered where. Due to pharmaceutical and medical regulations any product sold over the counter , either in a pharmacy or department store, even though it may be labelled as having high percentage, they are not allowed to sell products that are truly Bio-active. E.g a product marketed and labelled as 10% Retinol sold over the counter cannot truly be delivering 10% to the skin at the levels where the skin needs. To obtain more bio-active ingredients and therefore better, more effacious results you usually have to visit a skin specialist. So why waste you money on expensive products that look pretty over the counter when in fact for not that much more you will get much more stronger benefits with agents we use. All skin care products provided at Faciem Dermatology London require a consultation and regular review.

The picture below explains further:

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After many years of practising in the NHS as a dermatology doctor using fine and active dermatological ingredients that have stood the test of time and backed by medical evidence Dr Prasad fell upon ZO Skin Health by Dr Zein Obagi.

ZO Skin Health was formulated by Dr Obagi, a colleague of Dr Prasad, who started to develop ZO Skin Health in 2007 having left his collaboration with his prior skin care line. ZO Skin health was launched in 2012.

Like most skin care lines even in the aesthetic industry Dr Prasad was dubious about it potency and efficacy as she was yet to find agents which would match the prescription strength ingredients such as tretinoin and hydro-quinone she had been use to for over 15 years.

Having used ZO Skin Health since 2012 Dr Prasad was highly impressed with the range and found it very easy to use and incorporate into her clients as it mirrored all the ingredients she was used to in the NHS.

Health of the Epidermis.

There are three main layers of the skin, the epidermis, dermis and sub-cutaneous layer. When looking at skin health the epidermis is a key layer to look at. The cells of the epidermis start at the basal layer and develop up to the top layers and normally should take 6 weeks however as we get older this skin cycle slows down as a result the epidermal skin cells become thickened and unhealthy. Therefore skin care and devices such as the Hydra-facial that stimulate and improve the epidermal skin cycle will improve keratinocyte function.

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In dermatology medical grade ingredients that have medical evidence include Vitamin A such as Tretinoin creams and forms of Vitamin A such as Retinol and Vitamin C.

Dr Prasad has found the formulations has far excelled any other skin care line and currently she still sees it as the number one Doctor lead skin care in the world.

The Vitamin C within the ZO range is of highest formulation, packaged in an airtight, opaque container, stable and active with both Epidermal and Dermal benefits, the plant botanicals used within the range from ingredients from the Swiss Alps like Edelwise and potent anti-pigment agents like Arbutin make it her number one choice for skin care.

She is delighted to be Speaker and Trainer for ZO for Wigmore Medical and teaches other practitioners from all over UK and Ireland who to use this fine skin care.

Dr Prasad is so skilled in using the skin care line that as well as following protocols she will use the ingredients in such as way as to suppress and coax the skin into healing, recovering and correcting. These are products that have to be handled with care inorder to get the best out of them. This is the art of fine cosmetic dermatology at its best.

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Each client will be given the fundamental five products, a cleanser, scrub – an exfoliator, oil control pads and a functional anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory moisturiser and of course sunscreen.

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Sun Protection

All good skincare should start with Sun-protection but you should choose your sun protection wisely. Not all sunscreens have protection against UVA, B and HEV. High Energy Visible light is given out from screens e.g laptops and phones and has twice as much effect on breaking down collagen than UVA and UVB put together. ZO provided triple sunscreen protection.


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At ZO Skin health we talk about the skin health circle outlined in the diagram.Some clients may only need Daily prevention, if you are young with hardly any issues with your skin, others will need correction then maintenance and all with need prevention.

This is the circle of skin health as show in the video below.

It is worthwhile investing in time to see a dermatology doctor who will do a full analysis of your skin type, skin care and advise on the way forward. If you are already on ZO to ensure your ZO products are working as optimal for you as possible it is also worthwhile reviewing your current regime.