Botox® is a brand of medicine. Botox ®was first discovered by two American doctors who were using it to stop spasm of the the eyelid. On patients they treated they found that their facial lines significantly reduced and as they say the rest is history !

Since the 70s and 80s millions of procedures have been carried out, initially in the US and UK and now Worldwide.

Botulinum toxin is a purified protein which temporarily stops the chemical signals between nerves and muscles and thereby prevents contraction of muscle. It is an extremely popular treatment at Faciem Dermatology London.

All Botox® injections are performed by Dr Prasad who is a Dermatology doctor of 17 years experience. She has now performed thousands of injections in clients and is known for her natural look.

At the appointment you will have a full aesthetic assessment of your face after a detailed medical history , pricing will be confirmed and if you are happy you can proceed to treatment.

In general 3 areas are treated. The first is in between the eyebrows called the “glabella” area . This is Y shaped muscle complex that is the ‘frown’ complex.

Immediately after you will have tiny raised bumps in the skin where the solution has been injected and this will reduce in 20 minutes or so.

There maybe some minor bleeding which stops within seconds and there is a tiny risk of bruising.

It takes about 3-7 days to notice the treatment take effect and the result will last for 3-5 months at which time most people return for repeat treatment because they love the results Faciem Dermatology London give.

The other following areas are treated

  1. Around the eyes : Crow’s feet
  2. Forehead lines
  3. Chin
  4. Down turned mouth
  5. Neck bands
  6. Masseter area

Come and experience the magic of Botox ®  at Faciem Dermatology London where Dr Prasad’s fine artistic eye and expert medical knowledge combined will give you truly amazing results. It doesn’t have to look horrible, startled or unnatural.

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