Acne is one of the commonest facial skin problems. It consists of localized inflammation and blockage around the sebaceous glands of the skin. Often it will start around teenage years when the oil glands become reactive and stimulated by hormones. There is also a distinct sub group called Adult acne which also requires careful management and evaluation.

Acne requires many different types of treatment such as Medical Grade Skin care, Hydra-Facial and Chemical peels and in experienced hands will rapidly become under control.

Dr Prasad has been treating acne throughout all ages for over 15 years and is confident to gain quick and effective control and results.

The diagram below shows you the sebaceous glands within our skin and how it becomes blocked with oil and skin cells and how spots form. People often think that having the odd peel or facial will control their acne and unless acne is very mild this is often incorrect. Acne requires careful assessment and management so Dr Prasad would be delighted to help you in this area.

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