At faciem dermatology London we offer a full dermatology service which include General Dermatology Consultation and mole checks. As a general rule of thumb any lesion that is new even if not pigmented and is growing in size and causing symptoms such as itching or is bleeding should be reported urgently and checked.

I work closely with my colleagues in Skin Cancer surgery and Moh’s micro-graphic tissue preserving surgery and would offer a seamless transfer of care to them.

During the consultation your skin lesions would be examined, measured, photographed with your consent and examined using the dermatoscope. Dr Prasad believes that is much for sensitive than using computer tools to determine high risk lesions.

pic 59-min

A BCC or Basal cell carcinoma, called a Rodent ulcer
This is slow growing and may ulcerate but does not invade into the body.

pic 60-min

A Malignant Melanoma displaying all the classical features, the ABCD rule. Asymmetrical, Border is irregular, Colour is varied and is is a large lesion. This requires urgent surgery and determination of depth of lesion as this skin cancer is highly invasive.