The common lumps and bumps which bother patients are skin tags, benign moles.

The 1st picture show milia around the eyes which are easily removed in expert hands ( multiple milia called milium)


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pic 11a-min

and sebaceous hyperplasia, see picture 2 below .

Picture 2

pic 12-min

Skin Tags and Warts ( Picture 3) often look unsightly and can catch on things if around the neck, armpits, abdomen or groin. At your appointment Dr Prasad will conduct a full dermatological assessment and offer your removal usually through electro-cautery.

Picture 3

picture 11-min


Picture 2 above reveals a middle aged man with multiple flesh coloured lesions which are harmless and but can look unsightly, the condition is called Sebaceous hyper-plasia.

If we look back to our diagram of the sebaceous gland over time this has been outputting lots of oil and the skin around the pore has enlarged. This is easily treated by Dr Prasad depending on the size of the lesions with Electro-cautery device, Conmed 2000 under local anaesthetic.


Skin Tags around the armpits


pic 13b -min

pic 14-min