There are many types of hair problems. This can range from Hair loss such as

1. Male Pattern Hair loss
2. Female Pattern Hair loss
3. Alopecia areata
4. Telogen Effifulvium
5. Inflammation conditions of the scalp and beard
6. Scarring hair conditions

There are many more rare hair disorders of the scalp so again it is best to see a dermatology specialist for this.

The picture below shows alopecia areata of the scalp and beard area. Please click on the link below for further information

pic 44-minpic 45-minpic 46-min

Alopecia areata is often triggered by stress and it occurs as a result of auto-immune problem of the hair follicle which can be treated and control through multiple injections of an anti-inflammatory to dampen and reduce the immune issue.

pic 47-min

Female Pattern Hair Loss can be experienced at different levels and the chart above is a scale we use in dermatology to classify the severity. It is also called androgenetic alopecia. As women we have both male and femal type hormones and when this balance is upset it can affect the hair follicles and hair cycle leading to hair loss.

The other condition that women see a lot is hair loss just after having a baby and after Iron deficiency or Thyroid abnormalities.

The above diagram show the progression of male pattern hair loss. Again there are many claims and promises on the internet often without any medical evidence.

Medically speaking there is only proven and accepted evidence for the Minoxidl, PRP, Low level laser combs and of course hair transplantation.

PRP of the scalp.

pic 49-min
pic 50-min