Acne scarring can be very traumatizing to individuals and at Faciem Dermatology we are passionate about treating individuals effectivey and successfully.

The inflammation and blockage of the glands can cause destructions of the collagen and elastin fibers deep with the skin which causes dipped and tethered scars. Any scarring within the skin should alert you to seek a specialist dermatology opinion as it is much easier to prevent than to treat these scars.

Having said that we have a huge number of treatment modalities which we can use to improve the scarring to suit all budgets.

The treatment of acne should always start with skin care and the requirement of oral medication such as Roaccutane, Spironolactone, the pill.

The treatment of scars depends on the type of scar it is and after careful assessment we can offer you chemical peels, micro-needling and laser treatments.

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Acne and scarring can often cause individuals to feel sad and depressed so please do not hestitate to seek Dr Prasad’s expert help.