The chin area can also be a very rewarding area to correct. Many people have a small chin compared to their face and a chin that is too far back or one that has lost volume. Also an overactive muscle (called the mentalis) sitting above chin bone can cause a pebbled effect which can be ‘relaxed’ with a small dose of Botulinum Toxin.

Dr Prasad at Faciem Dermatology London will carefully assess the portions of the face and measure these areas. Then through careful placement of a suitable dermal filler will address the proportions for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dr Prasad ia very excited to announce the introduction of Allergan’s new product ‘Vollux’ to the Dermal Filler she uses which is a specific filler designed to be used in areas such as the chin and jawline.

Dermal Filler, Vollux

pic 21-min

Treatment: Fillers, Botulinum toxin