Expertly Curated Cosmetic & Medical Dermatology


Faciem Dermatology is the finest mix of Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology bringing together World Renowned Skin Care, Treatments and Technologies for truly effective and sustained results.

It has been especially curated by Dr A Prasad and each client is treated and managed in a bespoke manner tailored to your wishes and needs.

It really all started in my teens reading Vogue, Tatler and Elle which grew my obsession for art, shape, form and beauty. Whilst I always had a love for the Sciences I also loved and was very talent with Art and spent many trips at the Royal Academy, London admiring Monet and Van Gough with my art Teacher.

I successfully completed my Medical Degree in 1999. From 2003 I started NHS Dermatology treating all skin types , Caucasian (White) and Skin of colour (Indian, Afro-Carribean, Middle Eastern and Hispanic).  In 2011 I started my training in Aesthetics and Laser.

Each and every one of you will have a tale to tell, big or small about your skin, it affects everyone, it is one of the first things people look at and it has fascinated me for years.

I myself had scarring and acne with hyper-pigmentation and it was this that started my love affair with Cosmetics, Dermatology and Medicine and  lead me to start my Specialism in Dermatology.

After Grade A in A’Level Art & Art History I turned my attention to Medical studies. I have now exchanged my paintbrush for the instruments of cosmetic dermatology which has become my paintbrush for the human face and body.

Each time I sculpt, correct and enhance I am reminded of how to correct the changes of the  ageing face and how to improve the lines and shadows that form with age. I truly believe this ability to be artistic and appreciate form and colour, have studied art, shape, form and light enables me to achieve the most beautiful and long lasting results my patients enjoy.

I am so thrilled now to combine medicine and art into my passion for Facial Aesthetics and Corrective Cosmetic Dermatology and I am even more thrilled to open my first Signature clinic in the heart of central London.
I would love to see you at the clinic to help you look your best. Don’t let just anyone treat your face. Please do come in soon,

With Best Wishes,


Dr Anamica Prasad


In Loving Memory of my Late Mother, Sharda Devi, who inspired and shaped the woman I am today.


  • MBChB, 1999
  • Dip Dermatology, 2001
  • DFFP


  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • British Medical Laser Association
  • Aesthetic Complications Group
  • ZO Skin Health UK Faculty
  • ZO Skin Health UK Trainer