Nose to mouth lines are formed as we loose volume from our face. In particular fat pads underneath the skin start to reduce in size and separate and move downwards creating a fold around the naso-labial fold.

Many years ago practitioners would go in directly into this area and inject with a dermal filler without address the root of the problem which would lead to over filling and the chipmunk look.

pic 15-min

At Faciem Dermatology London Dr Prasad will perform a careful assessment of your face and anatomy but the general thinking now is that we have to replace and sold ground structure around our cheeks before directly injecting around the nose to mouth lines. Then usually with a cannula device the nose to mouth line is corrected and this leaves you with beautifully refreshed look.

At Faciem Dermatology London we normally use Juvederm Vycross Range for this and follow the MD Codes of revolumisation. Please click below to read further.