The colour of our skin is dependent on the level of Melanin pigment and the activity of the melanin producing cell, the melanocyte.

Hyper-Pigmentation issues are very common. In Caucasian/White skin this usually takes the form of sun spots/freckles/ sun damage as a result of sun exposure. In Skin of Colour e.g Indian/Hispanic/Afro-Carribean it can take the form of Melasma or patches of dark marks as a result of trauma to the skin e.g by frequent scratching or rubbing against shoes/clothing or having developed inflammation in the skin e.g after a bite or Eczema.

Dr Prasad specialises in this area and will provide comprehensive treatment to correct and treat this as well as maintain that skin afterwards to prevent relapse (it coming back).

The beauty of going to a dermatologist rather than going to a beautician or Aesthetic Practitioner will ensure that highly active and potent ingredients are used to ensure quick, effective, safe and medically researched treatments.

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