Brown spots in the skin are often Freckles or Sun spots. Freckles is due to increased melanin and fade or go away in the winter months. Sun spots may reduce in winter months but do not go away.

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Both are a sign of sun damage and Dr Prasad would perform a full Skin survey and dermoscopy on your skin to check the nature of these pigmented areas and the discuss your treatment options with you. These include starting on ZO SKIN HEALTH regime and chemical peels and within 3-6 months these areas will be reduced.

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We can also treat dark areas around the neck, armpits, knuckles, knees and elbows as well around the eyes and anywhere on the body. These form due to dry and hard skin and we use medical grade ingredients to help to significantly improve these areas. We also offer our bespoke deep but gentle exfoliation of these areas with our Hydra-facial machine

ZO Skin care, Hydra-facial

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