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Ageing of the face and Changes as we Age
To understand how we aim to treat the face and its structures we now have a much more deeper understanding within Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. At Faciem Dermatology London each client has an holistic assessment and a Bespoke Treatment plan.

The plump, voluminous contoured faces of our youth is due to optimal cellular function of the skin and maintenance of our fat pads to give the face a smooth firm appearance. Please see the diagram below showing how above the bones in our skull sits muscle and on top of this sits our fat pads.

There are a number of changes that occur from our 20s in our skin, bone and supportive fat pads.

The following pictures explain this easily.

The 1st picture shows a split face of the young lady and on the other side what happens as she ages. This is also similar for men.

As we age the fat pads shrink and separate and descend down due to the pull of gravity so that we get loss of fullness and flattening of our cheeks, hollowing around our temporal areas, hollowing around our peri-orbital areas. The fat then sits lower down and results in prominent nasolabial folds and jowling.


Through anatomical analysis doctors now realise that rather than starting by injecting in the folded areas we must restore volume where the fat pads once sat and have been lost. We start (usually) to treat the cheeks and temporal areas to give a nice lift to the face before we treat the naso-labial folds and lower face.

Here is a picture face on, profile view and side view showing the changes that occur as a result of fat, bone and skin changes. But all is not lost !

A lot can be done if you start maintenance in your mid 20s onwards and in your 30s. By making these small adjustments to restore the structure and scaffold we set ourselves strong foundations to prevent further slippage with age.

Of course we still see those who do present still in their 50s and 60s and these clients will often need a surgical face lift but some can benefit and choose the non surgical approach with a ‘liquid face lift’ if appropriate. Dr Prasad is known for her Signature Non-Surgical Face Lift.

picture 2

Lets have a look at what the changes look like behind our skin within different age groups at 35, 45 and 55.

There are many modifiable factors that you can do to prevent accelerated ageing e.g to eat a Balanced diet rich in Protein, Multi-Vitamins and keep the skin hydrated, avoid smoking and high sugary foods and protect from the sun.

This help skin barrier  function and keeps collagen production going. Keeping the fibroblasts active with the middle layer of skin called the dermis is key to collagen function through procedures, medical grade skin care, micro-needling and rejuvenating chemical peels and laser light treatments- a multi-level, multi-theraphy approach. This will improve skin laxity and fat pad volumes and keep sun damage at bay.

picture 3a
picture 4
picture 5
picture 6

As you can see the fat pad which sit on top of our muscles, around the eyes and cheeks and sides of our faces reduce in size and separate and descend down towards the lower part face.

Volume that was once sitting and giving us a beautifully contoured V shape as in the picture of the stunning Bridget Bardot becomes the ‘Inverted Triangle of Old Age’ where the jowl area becomes fuller and loss of volume around cheeks causes prominent nose to cheek lines and volume loss around the mouth causes down turning of this area.

Picture 7

Volume Loss – Bone
Now that we understand the anatomically changes that happens the aim is to restore the volume in areas where it is has reduced and lift and pull back areas that need help against gravity.

As you can see there are many factors that lead to the aged face and we must this use many different methods to restore the face changes to give it a more youthful appearance.

If this is done in a elegant and scientifically correct manner there will be no more appearances of the over filled face or the chipmunk look that many clients dread.

At Faciem Dermatology London Dr Prasad has been treating  the aged face for many years and she only uses reputable dermal fillers or what she considers should be called ‘revolumisation products’ such as Juvederm. Each client if necessary and will assess and tailor a treatment plan for you. No one will know you have had ‘treatment’ but everyone will comment how rested and refreshed you look………