As we age wrinkles are largely formed through repeated contraction of muscles. There are two broad types of wrinkles, ones seen at rest and one seen on muscle movement e.g when your frown, when you raise your eyebrows and when your smile. Our facial muscles consist of many muscles which cause movement and are in groups. Each muscle group interacts with each other like a tug of war. Clever placement of Botulinum toxin can for example, make the eyes look more wider and attractive, raised the eyebrows and give a nice lift. It is worthwhile going to a skilled practitioner who understand the inter-play of these muscles well to give you a natural looking result.

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Botulinum toxin is a manufactured Neuro-modulator which blocks the release of an agent from nerve endings. By blocking the release these muscles relax giving a more rested and relaxed look.

Since the 1970s Dr Scott and in the 1980s Drs Carruthers, a husband and wife Opthalmogist and Dermatologist were treating patients for twitching of the eyelids with Botulinum toxin. They started to notice that using the product also gave less lines and wrinkles to surrounding areas and the rest is history ! The private / cosmetic use of Botulinum toxin for lines and wrinkles started then although today many NHS doctors also treat a number of conditions to relax many others muscles in the body e.g Bladder Botox for overactive bladder, treatment of Migraine, treatment of neck spasm.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment- Botulinum Toxin

For Anti-wrinkle Cosmetic treatment at Faciem Dermatology London the main areas of injection is the injection of frown lines, the Glabella, in between the eyebrows, the forehead lines and around the eyes. We can also treat certain areas of the face to improve the down turning of the mouth, to smoothen out the chin muscle, to lift the eyebrows, to treat bunny lines, to treat a gummy smile and treat the neck bands.

At Faciem Dermatology London we offer three main Botulinum toxins which for many years practitioners all over the world in particular the US and UK have used and has been proven in trials to be very effective for anti-wrinkle treatment. We obtain our toxins from reputable Pharmacies to ensure the quality of the product and ensure strict storage protocol to ensure that safety and efficacy of the product.

What to expect ?

At the appointment you will be asked to fill out medical questionnaire to ensure it is safe and suitable to treat you. You face will be cleaned and you will have tiny super fine injections which take approximately 20 minutes to administer.

The diagram below shows the common sites of injection.

Picture 2-BOTOX AREAS-min

You will have tiny raised lumps in your skin which is the administered solution which takes approx 20-30 minutes to disperse.

There is no downtime and usually very little bruising. Effects take place between 2-8 days post treatment and typically last 3-5 months.

What can Botulinum treat

Areas of Treatment:
Forehead lines
Frown lines
Lines around the eyes
Neck bands
Square jaw
Bunny lines around nose
Eye brow lift

picture 3

Gummy smile
Teeth Grinding
Excessive sweating-armpits/hairline/hands/feet/groin

After the Injection please avoid any activity to increased the temperature to the body e.g any exercise/steam/sauna. Vigorurous rubbing and any facial treatment for 1 week.

At Faciem Dermatology our aim is to provide a naturally enhanced look with Botulinum toxin however we cater for all looks and wishes.

Please refer to the following patient website for more information of Botulinum toxin

Who CANNOT get B. Toxin ( we will always check this at the appointment)
1. Allergy to Albumin ( a component of the product)
2. Pregnant or Breastfeeding
3. Infection at the site of injection
4. Any neuromuscular disorder